About Us

Welcome to the Enter-People.com!

What is actually the Enter-People.com?
Enter-People is a unique place for doing to meet new, interesting people in your area as well as from all over the world. You will find in us people who want to talk, make an appointment or who want to share their interests with others, including you! Social networking Enter-People.com has to offer a lot of other things that are waiting for you - as a new member portal.

Are there any important principles that should observe?
As in every community with a population of your country and the world prevailing rules. There are only a few. First of all, know that everyone expects civilized behavior! You wish you had a good time and had a sense of psychological comfort. As soon as we receive complaints from other users on you, on rude behavior or intimidation, they will be taken seriously. All materials posted on your profile Enter-People.com must comply with our rules and do not violate copyright laws. Pornographic material, infringing or offensive will be removed and posting them can lead to blocking of an account at the Enter-People.com community.

Is the registration in the Enter-People.com is payable?
Joining the community Enter-People.com is completely free! You can create a profile, add pictures and carefully supplement your profile, search for people in the area and talk to many new people every day. If you want to take advantage of additional options for the Enter-People.com have to offer a few paid services that will help you pay more attention to each other and even easier to meet new people or to announce about their events or projects. Just click on the option you are interested in the link option premium.